3 Things To Add To A Remodeled Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is a great investment. Not only does it make the bathroom more enjoyable to use, but it will also add value to your home. If you are thinking about renovating your home, the bathrooms are a great place to start. A remodeling contractor Miami has to offer, such as JMK Contractor, can help you brainstorm ideas and get through the construction process. Here are three additions to consider when remodeling a bathroom.

Double Shower

Homes with large showers are very desirable. Expand your shower and add two shower heads to create a double shower. Long gone are the days where a shower/tub combination is popular. When remodeling a bathroom, take the opportunity to separate the tub and shower and create the shower of your dreams! Also, determine what type of tile to put in the shower to add to the overall look and style of the bathroom.

Large Sinks

Another area of the bathroom to focus on during a remodel is the sink. Putting in a vanity that either has a large sink or double sinks helps make the sink more accessible and easier to use. There are many stylish vanities available for purchase. While having a large bathroom sink and vanity is preferable, make sure it does not overpower the room.  If you are remodeling a smaller bathroom, you will want to go with a smaller vanity.  Consult with your remodeling contractor about what type of vanity would look best in the space.

Jacuzzi Tub

Many homeowners dream of having a jacuzzi tub. Think about how relaxing it would be to come home from work, fill up the tub, turn on the jets, and relax. Another benefit of separating the shower and bathtub is that both can become higher-quality.  Between a double shower and a jacuzzi tub, showering and bathing will become your new favorite time of day!

A simple Google search of bathroom remodels will lead to thousands of articles, blogs, and tips. While it can seem overwhelming at first, know that a remodeling contractor Miami has to offer can be extremely helpful when narrowing down choices. Watch HGTV, create a Pinterest board, and read remodeling books as you create the vision for your dream bathroom. Remember, adding things like a double shower, large sink and vanity, and a jacuzzi tub will increase the desirability of the bathroom and further increase the value of your home. Contact JMK Contractor today for more information about the steps to remodeling a bathroom.