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4 Benefits of Building a Brand-New Home

Are you living in Miami and looking to move into a new home? Consider building new! Custom homes in Miami are extremely popular as they allow the homeowners to make a home that is unique to their personal style. From the design of the layout to the material of the floors, every decision is up to you. Building new is also a way for homebuyers to bypass the ultra-competitive bidding wars currently occurring with home purchases. The first step in building a new home is finding an experienced contractor that you can trust. Many future homeowners feel overwhelmed by the new build process and don’t even know where to begin. A Miami contractor like JMK Contractor will guide you through the entire process from start to finish to create the home of your dreams.

Find the Perfect Location 

The first benefit of building new is that you can pick the perfect location. When buying a pre-existing home, it’s often a debate between location and the style of the house. Sometimes the site is excellent, but the home isn’t to your liking. Other times, you love the home but aren’t fond of the location. When building new, you get the best of both worlds by picking out the perfect plot of land and then building precisely what you want on it. Looking for a new lot doesn’t happen overnight. Often it’s a process of researching what’s on the market and being ready for new lots to pop up. Once you find the perfect location for your new home, your contractor will be able to do feasibility studies on the land to ensure it is a good site to build on.

Unique Layout 

The second benefit of building your own home is that you get to have a custom/unique layout. Many available homes have similar types of layouts. They are standard, cookie-cutter designs with an unimaginative flow from room to room. Think about exactly how you want your custom home to look. Discuss your ideas with your architect and contractor, who can draw up a set of plans to get your thoughts on paper. As you think about the future layout of your custom home, here are some questions to consider:

  • One floor or two floors?
  • How many bedrooms do you want?
  • Will all the bedrooms be on the same floor?
  • How many bathrooms do you want?
  • How will the bathrooms be connected to the bedrooms, hallways, etc.?
  • Do you want an open concept floor plan, or do you prefer separate rooms?
  • How do you want your main living space to flow (ex: living area to the kitchen)?
  • Will you have a deck or a patio in the backyard?
  • Do you want a front porch? 
  • How do you want to let light into your home? Where will the windows be located?
  • How will people enter your home? Do you want an entryway?

custom homes Miami

You Pick the Perfect Finishes 

You’ve picked the perfect layout, and the home is built – now comes the fun part: selecting all of the finishes! This is one of the best parts about building a custom home. Often, homeowners buy pre-existing houses only to end up doing extensive renovations to make the home look the way they want. These renovations include projects like installing new flooring, getting new countertops, painting the walls, etc. With a custom new home, all of these decisions are yours to make at the outset! 

First and foremost, think about the floors. Do you want the floors to look all the same in your house or have different finishes in different rooms? In the main living area, homeowners often pick hardwood floors, wood-vinyl, or carpet. In modern homes, you might also see concrete flooring in these areas. When it comes to the bathrooms and kitchen, the flooring options are endless, including ceramic tile, sealed terracotta, marble, terrazzo, and more! 

The bathrooms and kitchen are two other areas where homeowners have a variety of opportunities when picking out finishes. From the countertops to the mirrors to the shower to the appliances, there are so many decisions to make. Before you get stressed about all these decisions, keep in mind that this is the fun part! Plus, your contractor will be with you every step of the way to help you make the best decisions for your new home. 

Avoid Home Bidding Wars 

Let’s face it. The home market these days has been crazy! Realtor Magazine discusses how competitive the market is in their article about bidding wars. The article mentions that houses are getting 30-40 offers and often going for $100,000 above the asking price. In a market this competitive, how does anyone ever find a new house? Often, buyers find themselves looking at house after house making offer after offer, only to end up falling short and losing out on every single one. By purchasing a lot and building your own home, you bypass some of the bidding war madness. While buying lots can still be competitive, the process isn’t on the same level as buying a new home. For buyers looking to stay away from the stress of the housing market, buying a lot and building a custom home is the perfect way to go. 

Let JMK Contractor Help You Build Custom Homes in Miami

Are you outgrowing your home? Do you want to move to Miami? Are you ready for a change? Consider building your own custom home. The project is yours from start to finish. Location, design choices, and home layout are all up to you! JMK Contractor works on custom homes in Miami. We love working with clients to help them get the home of their dreams. Instead of buying a pre-existing home, check off all your dream-home boxes by building from scratch. For more information about the new build process, contact JMK Contractor today.