5 Bedroom Remodel Projects To Discuss With Your Contractor


The bedroom is where we spend many hours of our life. As a result, it should be a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing spot. Despite this, many homeowners begin home renovations in their kitchen or their bathroom. Bedrooms are a great place to remodel! Whether this is the master bedroom, guest bedroom, or kids’ bedrooms, all can benefit from renovations. JMK Contractor is a remodeling contractor in Miami. We have worked on many bedrooms and transformed them into calm, peaceful places to spend time and rest. At JMK, we are committed to making your bedroom remodeling dreams come true. Here are 5 updates that you should consider making to the bedrooms in your house.

A Bedroom Remodel Can Include Added Storage


The first thing to do in a bedroom remodel is to add more storage. This will help the room become more organized. When it comes to storage in the bedroom, there are many options. First, many homeowners like to add built-in shelving in their closets. This allows their clothes and accessories to be more organized. Often, closets have very little built-in storage. Usually, they just contain a rod to hang clothes and perhaps a few shelves. During your bedroom remodel, we can add in as much built-in storage as your closet can fit. This can include shelves, drawers, more built-in rods, hooks, and compartments for shoes. 

We can also add built-in storage within the actual bedroom. One great option is to build shelving around the bed. This shelving can be used to hold books, plants, magazines, candles, décor, and more! Built-in storage can also be added to an empty bedroom wall. This storage can contain cabinets, drawers, and shelves. This is a fantastic place to put TVs and other electronics. Built-in storage is especially helpful if you live in a smaller house that didn’t come with a lot of storage. The addition of storage will help you be more organized.  

New Flooring As Part of Your Bedroom Remodel

Many bedrooms contain old, outdated carpet. While carpet can look great, it is more difficult to keep clean than hardwood floors. Adding hardwood floors to your bedroom will make the space look a lot sharper. Hardwood floors are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They are a perfect option if you have pets or young kids because they are easy to clean if spills or accidents occur. 

Some homeowners find hardwood floors to be cold and uncomfortable. This is where area rugs come in! Pick a beautiful rug to put in your bedroom. That way you still get the benefits of a soft, warm surface with your beautiful hardwood floors. 

Hardwood Floor Options

When it comes to hardwood floors, you have quite a few options to consider:

  • Finished – These floors have already been finished when they arrive at your house to be installed. This option is faster than finishing after installation. Once the floors are installed, the work is done.
  • Unfinished – These floors will need to be finished once they are installed. The benefit of an unfinished floor is that it gives homeowners the ability to test a finish before it is applied to the entire floor. This provides the opportunity to get the exact color you are looking for. Adding a finish after installing can also make the floor more durable because the finish gets into the seams, so the entire surface is protected.
  • Solid – Solid wood floors are premium but unrealistic in many situations. These floors can be sanded and refinished as much as you want without worrying about sanding through the top layer since they are solid wood. Solid wood floors are also more susceptible to humidity, which is something to consider if you’re a homeowner in Miami.  
  • Engineered – Engineered floors can’t be refinished as much because they contain just a small layer of real wood on top of plywood. Engineered floors typically are cheaper than solid wood floors. They are also more resistant to changes in humidity. Even though they are not solid hardwood, no one will ever be able to tell.

Another factor you have to determine is which type of wood you want to use. Depending on the wood you use, the floors will have different tones and grain patterns. Here are some options:

  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Bamboo
  • Beech
  • Birch

The best way to decide the type of wood is by determining if you want your room to have a lighter or darker ambiance.

Change What’s on the Walls

Another area of your bedroom that should be included in the remodel is the walls. When it comes to the walls, you have a lot of options, including the following:

  • A new paint color
  • Accent wall
  • Wallpaper
  • Wood paneling
  • Hang up art or photographs
  • Add a gallery wall

The walls will greatly contribute to the bedroom’s overall appearance, so make sure the color and decor goes along with the overall look you want for the room.

Updated Lighting

Updated lighting is a must when it comes to a bedroom renovation! All lighting should be put on dimmer switches so you can adjust the brightness of the lights. Imagine how relaxing your bedroom could be if you could dim your lights as you read a book and get ready to go to sleep. Recessed lighting is a fantastic and simple option for the bedroom. For those seeking a fancier look, invest in a chandelier. Reading lamps or lights built into the wall are perfect to set next to the bed.  

New Décor

Last but not least, you can’t remodel a bedroom without getting new décor! It is time to say “out with the old and in with the new.” Invest in new furniture, artwork, rugs, and more! Figure out the overall look you want your room to portray. Some design concepts include rustic, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, etc. Before the remodeling process begins, browse design magazines and make a Pinterest board so that you have an idea about what you want this room to look like. At JMK, we are happy to make design recommendations to help you get the bedrooms of your dreams.


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. This is your spot to rest, relax, and recharge. Remodel the bedrooms so that they are an inviting and aesthetically pleasing space for you and your family. A remodeling contractor in Miami, like JMK Contractor, can help you through the entire process. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more about the remodeling services we provide.