5 Benefits of a Custom Closet From A Remodeling Contractor in Miami

When you are remodeling the rooms in your home, don’t forget about the closets! These are areas where it is crucial to maximize space. Closets can be customized based on the amount and type of storage needed. Custom closets will keep you and your family organized. When you are ready to step into the world of custom closets, contact a remodeling contractor in Miami, like JMK Contractor. We are here to help homeowners create their dream home through remodels and renovations. Read on for 5 benefits of getting custom closets. 

A Remodeling Contractor in Miami Can Give You Your Closet, Your Design

The first benefit of getting a custom closet is “your closet, your rules.” Pick the design that you want instead of being stuck with what comes with the house. This is especially important with larger walk-in closets, where there is more space to be creative. 

Customize your closet with built-in shelving and storage. Think about how the layout will affect the organization of the closet. Maybe you want your drawers up front for quick access to items like socks and pajamas. You could even section off your closet so that clothes from different seasons can be stored separately. 

Homeowners should think about exactly what they will be storing in the closet to help guide their decisions. In addition to storing clothes and shoes, some closets contain space for a full-length mirror, which lets homeowners try on their outfits inside the closet. Some walk-in closets even have space for a makeup vanity. This is a great place to store makeup and get ready outside of the bathroom. When designing a children’s closet, consider that the items inside should be within their reach.

In addition to the design of the storage components, be sure to consider what you want for the closet’s overall appearance. Think about the finish of the built-in storage, the color of the walls, and whether you want to add additional décor like paintings or a rug.

Tailored Storage 

Tailored storage is another advantage of having a custom closet. Homeowners can decide how much storage they want. Pick out as many built-in shelves, cabinets, and drawers as needed. Also, cut out space to hang clothes on built-in rods. In addition, invest in built-in shoe racks. This will keep your shoes organized and off of the closet floor. 

Make sure you have built-in hooks or compartments to fit accessories like purses, scarves, and hats. You can even install drawers where jewelry is kept. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom storage! Don’t worry about your closet overflowing with plastic containers and wicker baskets full of clothes and accessories. The built-in storage will keep everything in place and organized without you needing to buy extra storage products. 

Custom Lighting 

A custom closet should come with custom lighting. As spruce.com says, “Good closet lighting is too useful to be ignored.” Most closets are lit by an exposed bulb. This doesn’t provide the best lighting, and it can also be a fire hazard. Fluorescent bulbs are a good solution as they put out less heat. Built-in lighting under cabinets is also a great option in customized closets. 

Track lighting is a good way to highlight items in your closet, as the adjustable heads allow you to redirect the light as needed. Recessed lighting is a good option for the ceiling as it gives the closet a clean, modern look. Some homeowners like to hang a more extravagant light from the closet ceiling like a chandelier. 

Adding dimmers on the closet light switches is a good way to control the level of light in your closet. Set the dimmers to bright when you are getting ready and putting on makeup in the morning. Turn the dimmers down at night as you change into your pajamas and get ready for bed. 

Increased Organization


A fourth benefit of a custom-built closet is that it will help keep you organized. By customizing your shelving and storage, everything in the closet will have its own spot. Instead of your shoes being scattered across the closet floor, they are now consolidated in their own compartments. 

The increased level of organization is also beneficial for children. Their new closet can teach them that everything that goes into the closet has a specific spot and that things should not be thrown on the floor. 

As you discuss the design of the closets with your contractor, be sure to consider everything that you want to put inside. This helps the contractor get an idea about how much storage is needed. 

Adjustable Shelving

Homeowners with smaller closets or those who don’t want to invest in built-in shelving can customize their closets with Elfa shelving. This shelving system is adjustable and comes with closet rods, mesh drawers, shoe racks, and storages for accessories. The best part about Elfa is that the whole system is adjustable. Homeowners can switch up how their closet is organized anytime they want. This is also a great option for a kid’s closet. Since it is adjustable, it can grow with them. Start out with the lower shelving so the kids can reach their stuff and make it higher if needed as they get older. An Elfa system will keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories just as organized as a built-in system.

 Choose JMK Contractor as Your Remodeling Contractor in Miami

As you renovate the rooms in your house, don’t forget about the closets. There are so many positive benefits to having custom closets. First, you get to design how it looks and where the storage goes. You also get to decide what type of storage you need, from built-in drawers to shoe racks. Your custom closet can have attractive, dimmable lighting as well. Overall, your closet will greatly help you to stay organized. Everything that goes in the closet will have a proper place. No longer will clothes and shoes be thrown on the floor just to get lost in the depths of the closet! For more information about adding custom closets to your home, contact a remodeling contractor in Miami, such as JMK Contractor. We are experts at building custom closets for our clients to meet their organizational needs.