5 Home Improvement Projects for Summer

The ideal time for many home improvement projects is summer. You will likely have more time to work on your expanding list of home improvement ideas. The summer weather brings with it an excellent opportunity for both indoor and outdoor projects, but typically in Miami, you’ll want to focus on the indoor remodels first before winter makes an appearance again.  Warmer, yet more wet weather means you should plan for rain and projects that involve outdoor painting or staining during fall or winter months.

Whether you want to increase curb appeal for personal enjoyment or to prepare for a higher home value in an eventual sale, we’ve compiled five of the best home improvement projects for Miami homeowners to work on this summer.

Complete Major Roof Repair
Summer is a good season for roof repair. This type of project requires low chances of rain, so consider that when planning. Depending on the region’s forecast, this project might be best in either early summer or late summer, when the heat isn’t at its highest, and the rainfall is more slight.

All necessary roof repairs, from simple patches to replacing loose or missing shingles, aren’t as challenging or costly to have completed as one might think. With some research and the help of a professional, you should be able to give your roof a reasonably thorough inspection to determine if there is any damage, and if so, how high the cost will be. If you have taken care of your roof, chances are simple repairs are all that is needed. However, if you find significant damage or you’re already experiencing leaks, it is strongly suggested you contact a roofing contractor and make this project a priority.

If it turns out there is serious damage to the roof, especially if the roof is already old, getting a full roof replacement is always an option. Going this route also allows you to look into some different roof design ideas to make your home stand out from neighboring houses. Roof replacements are not as expensive or time-consuming as one might think, and a company such as JMK Contractor can quickly provide an estimate and help you move forward with repairs.

Bathroom Remodel or Upgrade
Since we’re already in the heat of the summer, consider either upgrading your bathroom or doing an entire remodel. The bathroom and kitchen are often “make or break” rooms for buyers if you plan on selling your home. Kitchen remodels can be more expensive, making a bathroom remodel a much easier choice for some homeowners.

Upgrading the shower head and faucets are a great start. Cleaning the tub and sink thoroughly, then polishing them both will also make a huge difference. If your sink and vanity are dated or no longer match your design concept, consider completely replacing them with more attractive options. Typically bathrooms are some of the smaller rooms in your home, so you can make an effort to get them looking magazine-worthy without spending a lot of money.

Kitchen Remodel or Upgrade
Open up and update your kitchen for instant added value to your home. A kitchen remodel may sound intimidating since it encompasses so much, but a professional can streamline the process and limit the inconveniences you’ll experience. Opt for new shelving and cabinets, sleek countertops, and upgraded appliances for a fresh, modern look. Don’t forget to address flooring with your contractor, as a total kitchen transformation is not complete without new floors to bring together your current design.

Reinventing a Room
Many homes often have a random or spare room ( or perhaps two) that are dedicated to storage or used as a guest room. Extra bedrooms can be a nice feature, but consider reinventing these rooms in other ways. For example, unused attic space could make a great playroom for kids. A guest room that barely gets used may be better utilized as a home office, an extremely valuable feature if you plan on selling. Smaller rooms or even large closet spaces could be turned into small but effective bathrooms, with a sink, mirror, and toilet for guests. Other creative ideas would be to change a spare room into a hobby room, a man cave or a woman cave, depending on your needs and interests.

Building a Deck or Outdoor Area
Summertime is all about getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors for most people, especially here in Miami Beach. If your home doesn’t have an outdoor deck or entertainment space, then you’re truly missing out on a great recreation area. Decks and patios also add a lot of value to homes if you decide to sell your house in the future.

Basic ground-level decks or patios can be built fairly quickly when you hire a competent contracting company. Raised decks especially are best left to contractors or someone skilled and experienced in building decks. Using pressure-treated wood is often the most common route since it’s easy to work with and relatively budget-friendly, but don’t rule out modified wood or composites. Both of these look great and are far more long-lasting. As a bonus, you won’t need to restain and seal like you would with wood.

Planning out home improvement projects is always an exciting start, but while you’re preparing, take into consideration how realistic each project is for your skill level and contact a professional. Even if you have the enthusiasm to tackle large projects, if you lack the necessary experience, you may want to take a step back and let an expert handle it. If you doubt your abilities, don’t feel distressed over having a contractor execute the project instead. After all, the most important thing is for the job to get done right the first time.