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5 Renovations to Make to Your Beachfront Home

Owning a beachfront home in Miami is a great investment. Many people live year-round in their beach home, but others choose to only live there part-time and rent it out the rest of the year. However you choose to use your beach house, a renovation is always a smart idea. Renovating your home will make it nicer to live in and will increase the value, meaning you can get more out of it as a rental or see increased value if you decide to sell it. JMK Contractor, a remodeling contractor in Miami can help you transform your beachfront house into your dream home. From exterior to interior renovations, we do it all! Check out some ideas for beach home renovations.


A good renovation to make to any beachfront home is to the outdoor deck. This is a space where residents can enjoy sitting and looking out at the beautiful beach and ocean. It’s the perfect spot for your early morning cup of coffee or dinner on a nice evening. When renovating your deck, your contractor can do many things to make it look more modern and appealing, while also making it more structurally sound. Decide what color you want your deck to be. Also, consider some fun add-ons, like built-in furniture or an outdoor kitchen. In addition, think about adding some steps directly down to the beach or pool area if you have one. When it comes to a deck renovation, the sky’s the limit!

Windows, Windows, Windows!

The best part about living at the beachfront are the gorgeous views. Make sure that your home takes advantage of these views by having large windows – and a lot of them! During the renovation, consider putting in larger windows, especially in rooms that have an oceanfront view. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a fantastic option for the family room, where you will most likely spend a lot of time relaxing and looking out at the ocean. Another good spot to install floor-to-ceiling windows is in the bedrooms that face toward the ocean. Imagine waking up each morning to a beautiful sunrise and ocean view. Talk to your contractor about which type of windows will work best with your home. Often with beach houses, it is a good idea to invest in windows with top moisture-resistance qualities as the air by the ocean is always moist. This will extend the life of your windows by preventing moisture from being trapped in between the panes.

Open Floor Plan

This renovation may involve knocking down some walls! Beach homes often contain wide-open floor plans and expansive windows. Typically, the first level is an open combination of the kitchen, eating area, and family room. Some beach homes, especially those that are older, have more closed-off floor plans. Discuss with your contractor ideas of how to open up your space. Renovating to create more open floor plans will enhance the views you see inside your home. It will also let in more light, leaving your space brighter and more cheerful. In addition, an open floor plan makes it easier for both residents and guests to easily move from room to room.

remodeling contractor Miami

Exterior Renovations with a Remodeling Contractor in Miami

Depending on the age of your beachfront home, it might be time for some renovations. One common exterior renovation is the roof. A roof lasts anywhere from 20-50 years, depending on what material it is made of. When doing renovations on your beach home, it is a good idea to have your contractor check on the roof to see if it needs replacing. If your home has siding, this is another exterior renovation that might need to be made. Vinyl siding typically lasts between 20-40 years. Living by the beach, you might need a replacement sooner rather than later due to the moist environment. Another common exterior renovation is painting, which can brighten up the look of your beachfront home. 

Bathroom and Kitchen Updates

When they’re making renovations, bathrooms and the kitchen are typically the first place homeowners think of. If you are renting out your beach home, these places are especially critical to update. You can charge more per week if your bathrooms and kitchen are renovated. Also, if you are planning on selling your home sometime in the near future, these updates increase the value of your home. Furthermore, renovating your bathrooms and kitchen will make your beachfront home feel brand-new to you! Discuss with your contractor ideas for these renovations. While at first the price tag may seem high, remember it is worth it as it will make your home much more comfortable and attractive while also increasing the value of the house. JMK Contractor can discuss different ways to make the bathroom and kitchen renovations as affordable as possible.

Working with a Remodeling Contractor in Miami 

There is no better place to own a beachfront home than Miami. Whether you have owned your home for years or it is new to you, some renovations can often help make the home more attractive while also increasing its value. If you rent out your beach house, renovations are a great way to attract more renters and to charge a higher price for rent. Take a look around your house and see which areas you would like to update. Often it will be obvious (ex: need a new roof, or siding is old and dirty). Once the necessary updates are made, consider some updates to make your space more beautiful, such as a spacious deck that overlooks the ocean. Other popular renovations include new windows, updated bathrooms and kitchen, and opening up the floor plan. At JMK Contractor, a remodeling contractor in Miami, we can make your beach home dreams a reality. For more information about our work and the services we provide, contact us today.