6 Installation Services To Do In Your Home

At JMK Contractor, we do it all! We are a remodeling contractor in Miami and also provide a variety of installation services. These services include everything from doors to floors to solar panels. Read on for information about six installation services that we can provide for your home.

A Remodeling Contractor in Miami Can Update Your Doors

At JMK Contractor, we know that the door is one of the first things someone sees in your home. We can install a new front door or any other door in the house. We want the door to be both safe and functional as well as attractive. This means we can install many different types of doors, including sliding doors, French doors, pet doors, wood doors, and more.


The floor in a home is very important. It is what the residents walk on each day. It should have a nice, clean feel and be aesthetically pleasing. At JMK Contractor, we install hardwood, laminate, stone, tile, kitchen, bathroom floors, and more! We can also help homeowners figure out which type of flooring works best in each part of the house.


At JMK Contractor, we can install tile in a variety of different areas. From a backsplash in the kitchen to tile in the shower, we do it all. We provide customers with tile design/style consultations as well as custom tile installations. We also do granite countertops, tile and grout sealing, tile floor installations, and tile wall installations.


Plumbing features can be difficult to install. JMK Contractor is here to help with any plumbing installations during bathroom and kitchen remodels. We can install sinks, toilets, showers, and more!

Solar Panels

Looking to save money on your energy bills? Get solar panels installed on the roof of your home. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly option that will also help increase the value of your home. Homeowners can even receive tax credits for investing in solar panels. JMK can install these panels on your roof.

A Remodeling Contractor in Miami Can Also Install New Windows

New windows are frequently installed during remodels. JMK Contractor will replace old windows with new ones that are better insulated and let in more natural light. We will remove the old windows, fix the opening to fit your new windows, and then install the new windows. Your home will be filled with that beautiful Florida sunshine in no time.

Trust JMK Contractor as Your Remodeling Contractor in Miami

Home remodels require a lot of installations. JMK Contractor is a remodeling contractor in Miami that is up to the job. From plumbing to windows, we do it all! For more information about the remodeling and installation services we provide, contact us today for a quote.