5 Things to Know When Building a Custom Home

If you are looking for a new house but can’t quite find something you like, why not start from scratch? Custom homes in Miami are so beautiful because they are unique to the family that built them. Building a custom home can be such a rewarding process. From working with an architect to figuring out

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Custom Home vs. Cookie Cutter Home: Pros and Cons

When you’re building a home in the Miami area, there are a couple of options. One, the homeowner can build their home from scratch, making it fully customized. Two, they can get a new build in a neighborhood that has a builder making standard, cookie-cutter models. Both options have their pros and cons to consider.

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Remodeling Contractor in Miami and Converted Garage

Are you thinking about converting your garage into a room? You are not alone. A growing number of homeowners choose to convert their garage for a number of reasons. These reasons include adding more space, creating an extra living area, and increasing a home’s resale value. As far as home remodels and renovations go, converting

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Picking the Right Location to Build A New Home

Building a new home is so exciting. Perhaps the most important decision of the whole process is deciding on the right location for your home. There are many different factors to consider, from the cost of the lot to the safety of the area and more. JMK Contractor, your local new construction contractor in Miami,

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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Building A New Home

There is nothing more exciting in the real estate world than building your own home. A new home allows homeowners to truly build the house of their dreams. Their space is all their own and no one else has ever lived in it! While it is very exciting to go through the new construction process,

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