Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

All-in-One Construction: Bringing M.E.P. Services Together

When it comes to building properties, like houses or offices, there are important parts that make everything work smoothly. These parts include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems or “MEP Services”. Imagine having experts for all these things working together in one place! That’s what we do at JMK Contractor. Let’s explore why having these three […]

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Modern home construction in miami

Exploring the Diverse Styles of Home Construction

The world of home construction is a dynamic landscape, rich with a variety of architectural styles that reflect cultural influences, historical contexts, and individual preferences. From traditional to contemporary, each style carries its own distinct characteristics that shape not only the appearance of a home but also its functionality and atmosphere. In this blog post, […]

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Custom Home in Miami

Building Your Dream Home: Custom Home Construction in Miami

The allure of Miami’s vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and warm climate has made it a dream destination for many. For those seeking a place to call their own, building a custom home in the Miami Area offers a unique opportunity to tailor a residence to their exact specifications. This post will serve as a comprehensive […]

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JMK Contractor at the South Florida Build Expo

Wrapping up an exciting and interesting 2 day construction conference… JMK Contractor participated in the South Florida Build Expo. Continuing education is a key priority for our organization. We keep up with the latest construction materials and technology. We also take advantage of the event to network with subcontractors and suppliers. The conference was also […]

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Tile Installation Tips

FIND SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE It may seem alluring to hire a handyman or install tile on your own, but hiring an expert with years’ worth of experience is a much smarter move for many reasons. Look for a contractor that has a proven record in both wall and floor tile installation. TALK TO THE PROFESSIONALS […]

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Six Reasons to Hire a Professional Contracting Company

  Most homeowners think about renovations sooner or later. Unless you have a solid handle on home improvement, you’ll most likely want to hire a professional to do the work for you. That’s where things can get complicated. Who do you employ, and how do you know whether they are reputable? You should always hire […]

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5 Home Improvement Projects for Summer

The ideal time for many home improvement projects is summer. You will likely have more time to work on your expanding list of home improvement ideas. The summer weather brings with it an excellent opportunity for both indoor and outdoor projects, but typically in Miami, you’ll want to focus on the indoor remodels first before […]

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