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Custom Home Options When Working on a Budget

It’s a common misconception that you can’t build a custom home on a budget. This couldn’t be further from the truth! With careful planning and a trusted custom homes Miami contractor on your side, getting your dream home built on a budget is not just a possibility, but should also be your goal. Your contractor will be able to share some helpful tips and tricks with you to cut costs and save money when building your new home. From the land to the layout to the final finishes, there’s always an opportunity to be cost-effective and still get the perfect home. 

Find the Ideal Lot

If you are starting from scratch on building a custom home, the first step is picking the perfect lot. There are many things to consider when seeking out land. 

  • Lot size – It goes without saying that larger lots cost more than smaller lots. While a 10-acre lot might sound great, you can save a lot of money by seeking out smaller plots of land.
  • Utilities – Did you know 21 million American households are on septic systems? It’s more common than you would think. If you are building on a plot of land closer into the city or in a densely populated neighborhood, you will most definitely have access to city sewer and water. While it does cost money to hook up to these utilities, it can be a lot cheaper than having to install a septic system and drinking well on your property. During your land search, seek out properties with access to public utilities. Almost all properties in the Miami area have access to public utilities, but if you are looking further outside the city in more rural areas, it could be an issue.
  • Trees – Buying a lot with a lot of trees may seem like a great idea, but it can greatly increase your expenses. Before construction begins, the trees will have to be cleared to have space to build, not to mention that it is not always allowed to remove all the trees from a lot, or if it is allowed, there may be a high cost associated with it, not just for the actual removal, but also to receive the required permit to remove the trees.
  • Neighborhood Consideration – Miami has many lots for sale in already-established neighborhoods. Before purchasing, do some research. Many neighborhoods have expensive HOA fees which can add a lot to your monthly payments. Additionally, HOAs can have certain rules and regulations about how your home should look (ex: must have certain paint colors, must have a specific type of roof, etc.) These regulations could make building your custom home more difficult, less customized, and more expensive.

Seek Out a Trusted Custom Homes Miami Contractor 

Once you have purchased a plot of land, it’s time to begin the construction process. Before breaking ground, there’s one more key step: hire an experienced and reputable contractor! A contractor is someone who manages the home building project. They provide the labor, materials, and equipment needed to build your custom home. They also make sure the project is staying on budget and on schedule. It’s important to find a contractor that you trust. Seek out a company, like JMK Contractor, that has a lot of experience building and renovating in the Miami area. Before the project begins, our team at JMK Contractor sits down with property owners to go over a budget and determine exactly what they want their home to look like. At this time, we can provide recommendations to help keep the project within budget.  

Start Small 

A great way to save money is to start small. While you might be dreaming of a five-bedroom house, think about the space you need right now. Your contractor can help you create a house with a smaller footprint but leave room for additions later on. That way, 5-10 years down the road when you are ready to add on, it will be a possibility. The “start small” strategy is perfect for young couples building their starter home who are planning to grow their family later.  

Consider the Layout

Another way to save is to build a cost-effective layout. The more square/rectangular you can make your house, the better. It costs more to have various walls, curves, and areas of the home that jut out. Go for a simple-shaped home with an open concept inside. Interested in building a two-story home? The price per square foot to build two stories is cheaper than one story, because extending the foundation is more costly than building up.

custom homes Miami

Carefully Select Your Finishes

Another great way to build a custom home on a budget is to carefully pick your finishes. There are many ways you can make areas in your home like the kitchen or bathrooms look expensive without blowing the budget. Here are some ideas on how to save money but still have beautiful finishes: 

  • Vinyl or laminate floors instead of hardwood
  • Laminate countertops instead of marble or granite
  • Stock cabinets versus fully-customized cabinets
  • Pick affordable or even antique hardware for kitchen and bathroom knobs and handles 
  • Simple double-hung windows as opposed to more expensive types of windows, like bay windows and skylights
  • Pick an affordable appliance package  
  • Choose lighting wisely – start with built-in lights only where necessary. Fill the home with lamps initially and add in built-in lighting as your budget allows

Talk to JMK Contractor About Building Custom Homes in Miami

As you can see, building a custom home is possible even if you are on a budget. The process requires careful consideration every step of the way, from choosing the perfect lot to finding affordable finishes. Your home can still look unique, classy, and expensive even if you are working with a more limited budget. An experienced custom homes Miami contractor, like JMK Contractor, can help you work within your budget. During the initial consultation, we will take a look at your budget and help you figure out creative ways to create the home of your dreams without breaking the bank. For more information about building a custom home in Miami and how it can be done within your budget, contact JMK Contractor today.