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Style Options to Consider for Your New Custom Home

Our team at JMK Contractor has helped hundreds of families in the Miami-Dade area redesign and remodel existing homes and design and build brand-new options. We have the expertise and experience to take your ideas and make them a reality! 

With a variety of popular style options to consider, we know you will find the style of your dreams. With our extensive experience and knowledge in home design and construction, we help our customers think through what they want (and what they need). 

Not only can we take existing plans and build them to precision, but we can help you make custom modifications and help you think through all your options. We listen to your ideas and want to know your priorities. Your confidence and satisfaction is our number-one priority. 

Popular plan styles for the casually sophisticated home in Miami-Dade are Craftsman, Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Florida. Let us show you all that these styles have to offer as you decide on the look of your new home. 

JMK Contractor Can Help You Build A Craftsman Home

A truly American design, the Craftsman is a curbside standout. A covered front porch has front porch columns that are thicker at the bottom and tapered at the top. Classic horizontal lines and triangular roofs with exposed beams that stick out of the house can be seen under the porch’s eaves and catch the eye. 

The Craftsman design, simplistic and clean, stands in direct contrast to the Victorian homes that were popular in the late 19th century. In its infancy, the Craftsman style emphasized handmade, locally constructed pieces instead of mass-produced. Perhaps that is why the style is still so popular, over 100 years after its debut. 

The modern Craftsman maintains the same recognizable exteriors, but with a more modern floor plan. Typically, modern Craftsman details include clean, crisp lines and a simple color palette. There is a sleek sophistication to the design without many accessories and clutter. 

Typical Craftsman home colors are more natural earth tones like olive green, dark green, and russet with roof colors to match like natural brown, green, or red. For a more coastal feel, many opt for the lighter bungalow colors of the early 19th century, like yellow, orange, or sage-green, with roof colors that complement the home’s exterior, like green or brown. 

Many enjoy adding features that are appealing in a beach house, like screened-in porches, trussed ceilings, open floor plans, and skylights.  


The more modern contemporary home design lends itself to beachside living. Common characteristics of this design include simple, asymmetrical, architectural lines, with large, clear glass windows. Exteriors are typically a mixture of stone, stucco, brick, or wood. The roof is a notable standout for this style because it is almost always flat or shallow-pitched with large overhangs. 

While interiors are what one might call modern, they aren’t cold. Flooring through the house is almost always a stained concrete or tile floor, hardwood, or even brick. 

The emphasis in a contemporary design is on space and light. Often, homeowners place great value on sustainable, natural, and even recycled building materials. 

Large windows bring the outside inside. Homeowners usually accentuate nature’s beauty by using the colors outside the window inside the home.  


The Mediterranean architectural style, with wide overhangs that provide shade from the blistering summer sun, is reminiscent of seaside villas and resort-style living. Most commonly, the Mediterranean style seen in Florida is heavily influenced by Italian and Spanish geographical regions. 

  • Italian Mediterranean styles borrow details like large columns and rounded arches. These homes are usually the most ornate in architectural style. 
  • Spanish Revival styles are simpler with cleaner lines and a low-pitched roofline, and are thicker and heavier than others. 
  • Modern Mediterranean follows either Italian or Spanish style. This updated style usually features open floor plans, modern kitchens, and an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living with vast, expansive outdoor living spaces. 

Interior features of the Mediterranean style include high ceilings with the dramatic use of wood or patterned tile. Verandas often sweep around second stories. Houses are situated so that breezes flow freely throughout. Other standard exterior features include arched windows and doorways, wrought-iron balconies and window grilles, tile roofs, and European-style gardens or courtyards. 


You can’t go wrong with a Florida house plan. Embracing elements that allow for comfort during the most scorching summer days, like building on a slab or stilted foundation, the Florida plan is gracious and open. 

Reminiscent of the Mediterranean style, the Florida plan is designed with a shallow, sloping tile roof and stucco exterior. One or more porches, patios, or verandas usually provide the homeowner with outdoor living spaces. Arched entrances, often two-story, make for a stunning first impression. 

It’s perfect for both coastal or inland lots, because the Florida plan allows for variety. Open living areas, including a large kitchen, dining area, and living space, are typical. 

Two variations on the Florida theme, the Key West or Coastal home plans, are also prevalent throughout Florida. 

  • Key West 

The Key West plan embraces all that we love about the Florida plan, with a few variations. Usually, the Key West island-style plan features raised foundations that give the house more of a porch. You’ll also find lots of windows and shady verandas. Cupolas make a distinctive impression on a Key West design. 

  • Coastal 

Whether the home is near a beach, lake, bay, or river, a Coastal design emphasizes the water. This design completely embraces the water through exterior materials, open floor plans, breeze-accommodating windows, and welcoming, shady, wide porches. 

Colors from the outside are replicated in shade and tone on both the exterior and interior. Beach pastels and neutrals for the coastal homes and earth tones of greens and browns for the lake or bayside homes are typical. 

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