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How a New Construction Contractor in Miami Can Help You Take Advantage of a Large Lot

When you’re purchasing a lot of land, there are many advantages to buying a larger lot. While you may not think you need the space now, a large lot gives you endless options in the future for how to utilize the space. As a new construction contractor in Miami, part of our job is to help you brainstorm how to get the most out of your lot. Here are few ideas to consider when searching for the perfect lot.

Your New Construction Contractor in Miami Can Help You Build a Large Home 

Owning a large lot of land gives space for a larger home. While a big home might not be necessary at the moment, as families grow, they often yearn for more space. The good part about living on a large lot is that the space is already yours! Start out by building a large home, or build a smaller home with the idea of adding on in the future. Think about your dream home and what you want in it. Always wanted a wine cellar? Considering an at-home movie theatre? These things take space, but with a large lot, they are definitely a possibility. 

When you’re building on a large lot, always be sure to discuss your ideas and vision with your contractor. They can help you determine the best layout for your home to work with the size and shape of your lot.

Save Space for a Big Yard 

Even if you plan to build a large home, be sure to save space for a yard! One of the best benefits to living on a large lot is having room for a yard. This is especially nice if you have kids or pets who love to be outside! 

When it comes to the backyard, there are a variety of options for filling the space. Many homeowners like to add a section for entertaining. This is usually close to the home and can house things like patio or deck space and an outdoor grill.

The yard will have plenty of room for your kids to play. Consider installing a fence to keep kids and pets safe! There may also be room for a playground.

Another benefit of having a lot of space for a yard is all the landscaping opportunities. Landscaping is so much fun, especially in Florida. There are many beautiful plant and flower options for both the front and back yards. Since the weather never gets too cold, you don’t have to worry as much about plants going dormant for the winter. In addition to plants and flowers, consider planting some trees on your property. Not only are trees a beautiful addition to the yard, but they also give you privacy from neighbors. A quick search on Pinterest will give you a variety of different ideas about how to landscape your new yard. 

Create a Detached Space 

Another benefit of a large lot is building a detached structure. You will have room in the backyard to build a shed, woodshop, home gym, detached garage, art studio, and more! The options are endless. A detached structure is also an ideal place for a home office.

Install a Pool 

A large lot is perfect for a pool. A pool is a beautiful addition to any backyard, and it will also make your kids very happy! In addition, a pool is wonderful for backyard entertaining. There are so many options when it comes to pools. Many homeowners like to get pools with an attached hot tub. There are also a lot of landscaping options when it comes to planning how your pool will fit into the backyard. Some of the most beautiful pools are those that blend in with the landscape of the yard. Consider surrounding your pool with a beautiful stone deck. A waterfall running into the water is also an option. 


Build a Guest House 

As mentioned above, with a large lot, you can easily build a detached structure, such as a garage or workshop. In addition, you can build a guest house on your property that could serve a few different purposes. 

First, the guest house could be used for family and friends when they are visiting. Staying away from the house gives them more privacy and freedom during their visit. A detached guest house is also perfect for kids back home visiting from college who want to live in their own space.

Second, you can rent out this guest house and earn some rental income. According to an article in CNBC, Airbnb hosts make an average of $924 per month. This is a great extra source of income! Equip the guest house with a small kitchen and a full bathroom so that your guests have everything they need. Hire a professional photographer to photograph the house so that your pictures on Airbnb look inviting. VRBO is another platform where you can rent out your home. If you’re a Florida resident, you live in a place that other people love to travel to! This means that your rental may be even more profitable than average. Also, since the weather in Florida is nice all year, you won’t have a “down time” that other rental hosts around the country may experience when the weather gets cold. 

Once your rental is ready to go, do some research on what other rentals in the area are charging. This will help you figure out what visitors will be willing to pay. Once you start getting visitors, make their experience as ideal as possible by adding little personal touches, like leaving them a bottle of wine or making them breakfast.

A New Construction Contractor in Miami Can Make Your Property Attractive to Potential Buyers 

Last but not least, owning a larger lot is a huge plus to potential buyers. This is a benefit if you ever plan to sell your home. Many buyers are interested in getting a big chunk of land and are actually turned off by lots that are too small. While you may not be thinking of selling your home/lot anytime soon, it is always a good thing to think about.

A New Construction Contractor in Miami Can Help Make Your Large Lot a Home!

If you purchase a large lot, it’s essential to take advantage of the space you have. Whether this means creating a beautiful backyard space with a pool and outdoor kitchen or adding a detached Airbnb unit, whatever you decide to do can add value to your home/lot. JMK Contractor, a new construction contractor in Miami, will be with you every step of the way. We can assist with both indoor and outdoor spaces and can help you create an overall plan of how you are going to use all of your space. For more information about our services and new construction in Miami, contact us today.