Things to Consider Before Renting Out Part of Your Home

If you are looking to begin new construction in Miami, you need JMK Contractor. We are the experienced and reliable contractors you’ve been seeking. With years of experience in Miami-Dade County, we are intimately familiar with all the ins and outs, permits, and red tape necessary to get your new construction started. 

If you have plans for how you’d like your private living space to be constructed and designed – or even if you don’t – we will be able to provide some helpful suggestions to help you fine-tune all your options with renting in mind. 

It takes a fair amount of planning and time, but if done right, we can help turn your new construction into a money-generating investment. 

Rules and Regulations For Your New Construction in Miami

Nothing is ever easy. While it may seem like a money-making investment to intentionally plan on renting out part of your newly-constructed space, you need to research or hire someone to research specific regulations and zoning, especially if you are interested in renting as an Airbnb. Be sure to investigate Fair Housing laws, and make sure you understand your rights and limitations. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider consulting with an attorney for this part of the process, especially if you plan to rent continuously. 

Basement, Ground Floor, or Top-Floor Rental For Your New Construction in Miami 

If you’ve not begun construction, you’ll want to decide if you’d prefer a basement,  ground floor, or top-floor rental space availability. 

Basement spaces may sound dark and drab, but one advantage of new construction is the ability to design the space. One requirement of rental basement space is a door or egress window. Not only is this a safety requirement, but it allows light and some opportunity for innovative design.  

Of course, whatever space you choose, it will need to be finished. You’ll also want to be sure to install attractive flooring and lighting options. Open floor plans are standard in basement rentals, but design options are limitless. 

Ground floor rental spaces, in general, provide more potential for natural light. Separate entrances are sometimes easier to accommodate in a ground floor rental, too. These types of spaces can be easily outfitted to be more accessible in general. 

Top-floor rentals are limiting only in their accessibility. With plenty of light and potential views, these can be highly desirable spaces. We encourage clients, especially in new construction opportunities, to think about a top-floor space when deciding on areas to build.


The more private and insulated your rental space, the better. It’s likely you’ll want separate plumbing for your rental space so that should there be potential problems, the entire residence isn’t affected. Certainly, the rental area will have a private bathroom and kitchen, so separate plumbing for these areas should be considered. 

It’s worth noting that spaces with washer and dryer units, even the more economical stackable units, are far more desirable than those without. 


Today, we must all connect to work and home quickly and efficiently with little to no lag time. To meet this requirement, your rental space will need a smart wiring plan. Not only will renters expect cable or satellite TV capability, but more importantly, you need a reliable, super-fast internet connection. This above all else will be a necessity for long-term or even weekend renters. 

Closet Space and Storage 

You’re going to need to provide closet space and small storage areas. We can help. This may sound intimidating, but with thoughtful and careful planning, we can carve out ingenious areas for storage and closet space. It doesn’t have to be big, but if there are organized options, renters will see that as a plus! 

Outdoor Space 

If you’re renting in Miami, quality outdoor space is imperative! We encourage you to think about a private outdoor space for your renter. For example, consider designing a fenced-in section of the yard that provides privacy adjacent to the rental entryway. Green space is incredibly important. Even if you offer only an umbrella-covered picnic table, you could have an advantage over other options in the area. Access to a private pool with specifics on appropriate use is another enormous selling point.   


If you are planning to rent this space out as an Airbnb property, the best investment you can make from the very beginning is to hire a professional cleaning company. To maximize your investment, you need to turn over the property within 12-24 hours.  

Reputable and high-quality professional cleaning services abound in Miami. Take the time to interview them and ensure they are insured, licensed, and guarantee a quick response time. The faster you can rotate renters, the better. 


Potential Renters 

One last pro tip before we finalize our construction plans together: think about the renters you’d like to attract. Many professionals today are on the move. More health care providers, bankers, business people, even construction workers and property managers are taking more short-term freelancing opportunities than ever before. 

If you are thinking about this professional type of renter, consider: 

Add-on Boosts for Your New Construction in Miami

Extras are essential, especially when professionals need a home away from home. Extra storage space, specialty lighting and fixtures, and even upgraded appliances can make a lasting impression. While they may be more expensive than standard options, think of them as a long-term investment. 

Accentuate Amenities

Be prepared to wow your potential renter with quality specifics about the area: public transportation, parks, open-air markets, even mom and pop restaurants can help make your property seem more attractive to your audience. 

Next-Level Listing

When it’s time, take your listing to the next level with lots of professionally-staged photos or even a video tour! You’ve only got a quick second to impress scrolling candidates, so capture their attention right off the bat. 

Trust JMK Contractor for Your New Construction in Miami

JMK Contractor can handle the wide range of work this particular job requires, from egress window know-how to waterproofing and electrical work. We provide high quality and professional work based on our training, knowledge, and experience.  

We know what it will take to make your space a successful rental, and we can’t wait to get started for you.