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Custom Home in Miami

JMK Contractor understands the importance of not only building a “residence”, but building a high-end construction home, true to your unique needs. We are the home builders who listen to what you value most in a home, and use this information to collaborate with top real estate professionals to bring your dream home to life. From the very beginning, you’ll be involved, working directly with the experts in the process of building your high-end construction home. You’ll get your own customizations such as kitchen finishes, bathrooms choices, and more. Ask the team at JMK Contractor what you need, and we can work with you to make it happen.

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New Construction: A Sound Investment

There are plenty of reasons to invest in brand-new or custom homes. With a new home, you’ll often get many if not all of the following benefits:

  • The choice of the finishes, fixtures and decor you want;
  • A period in which everything in the home is brand new, frequently referred to as a “honeymoon period”;
  • Less maintenance and up-keep than used homes;
  • Home finishes, systems and structure will some with a “builder’s” warrant;
  • The latest and most up-to-date architecture and design;
  • Cutting-edge at-home automation;
  • The most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and even appliances on the market;
  • No need to update anything;
  • Most new construction homes are built in the greatest neighborhoods;

The JMK Contractor Difference

The New Construction team at JMK Contractor provides superior service to our clients and investors. We take pride in assisting clients and partners through every step of the real estate investment process from asset management, negotiation, equity and joint venture investments, and even down to construction, and management of the finished property. Our well-diversified and dedicated team will be your number one choice in the highly competitive real estate markets of Southern Florida. Every professional on the full-service team at JMK Contractor will bring forth their own unique expertise, from real estate financial services, to acquisition, to construction management, and to property maintenance. We make each and every decision based on analytical systems, using the latest technology available, and creating the most innovative strategies, leading to the greatest ROI for our clients. Combined with our extensive network of high-quality industry relationships, you’ll certainly be in good hands.


The team at JMK Contractor will collaborate with our clients, architects and designers to build truly custom homes. We recognize that a custom home is one of the greatest investments of our client’s lives. Our team’s extensive expertise is poured into each and every home, with laser focus on our clients’ needs. We want to make the decision of a lifetime an easy and smooth one. Our team encompasses the value of our clients through our multi-level design and construction process.


The JMK team has experience & passion in renovating homes into spaces that match both your style, but you and your family’s daily needs.  We work with top architects and designers to be sure that your plans come to life.

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