4 Renovations To Make To Your Home This Summer with a Remodeling Contractor in Miami

Summer is the perfect time to do home renovations. Consider making the renovations in early summer so that by the end, you can have guests over to enjoy your newly renovated space. The first step is to consider what areas of the house you want to be renovated. Second, determine what your budget is. JMK Contractor is a remodeling contractor in Miami who can complete the renovations in your home. We work closely with homeowners to help them achieve the house of their dreams while staying within their budget. While any type of home renovation is possible this summer, here are 4 places to start.



How a Remodeling Contractor in Miami Can Help With Backyard Patio/Deck Renovation


A backyard renovation at the beginning of the summer helps homeowners create the perfect place to relax in the sun. Consider a deck or patio renovation. If your home does not already have a deck or patio, this is the time to add one! Having a beautiful outdoor space to relax, grill out, and have drinks with friends is ideal. Start by considering what you want to put in the space. This will help the contractor know how big the deck or patio should be. Here are some examples of popular backyard patio additions:


  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Firepit
  • Bar
  • Grill
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Hammock
  • Planters
  • Umbrellas


As you can see, there are so many options available to make your patio unique! Once you have decided on the amount of space needed, it is time to figure out the materials needed for the ground. Whether this is a wooden deck or a stone patio, make the decision based on what you think looks best! At JMK Contractor, we can also help you accessorize your patio with furniture, a grill, a firepit, lighting, and more. We can also build an outdoor kitchen to make grilling outside easy. Having access to a stovetop, fridge, and counter space will make outdoor cooking much simpler. Otherwise, you will find yourself running in and out between your kitchen and the grill.


Kitchen Renovation


Another great summer renovation is the kitchen. In fact, any time is a good time to renovate the kitchen! Do this renovation early on in the summer so that you can spend your summer cooking in your new kitchen. Also, any summer guests will be able to enjoy this space as well. Here are some common kitchen renovations that homeowners like to make:


  • New appliances
  • Updated flooring
  • Recessed lighting
  • New countertops
  • Updated cabinets
  • Window installation
  • Island
  • Two sinks (one for prepping and one for cleanup)
  • Additional storage
  • Backsplash
  • New paint job


When renovating a kitchen, the options are limitless. Keep in mind that you should create a space that you want to be in. Cooking can easily turn into a daily chore, so make sure that it will at least be in a space that you enjoy. Consider what type of materials you want to use in your kitchen. Do you want it to be bright and white? Rustic? Modern? Once you decide on the overall look and style for the kitchen, you can begin picking the finishes, appliances, and lighting that you want.


Let Your Remodeling Contractor in Miami Tackle Bedroom Renovations


Bedrooms are another fantastic area to renovate in early summer. With guests visiting over the summer and kids home from college, it can be the perfect time to spruce up the bedrooms so everyone can enjoy them over the summer. Decide if you want to update one bedroom at a time or just update them all at once. Also, decide if you want each bedroom to have its own theme and style or if all will have a cohesive look. Remember, bedrooms are supposed to be a relaxing, calm space. Keep this in mind as you think about the colors and materials you want to use. Here is a list of potential bedroom renovations:


  • New paint job
  • Install hardwood floors if you have carpet
  • New furniture
  • Add a skylight
  • Built-in shelving and storage
  • New lighting
  • Create more space (knocking down walls and combining rooms for more space)
  • New closet doors
  • Add built-in organizers inside the closet
  • New closet lighting


These renovations can be done in any bedroom in the house! Get ideas from Pinterest to figure out what your dream bedroom looks like. Sometimes demolition is necessary if you are knocking down walls to combine two rooms for more space. Other times, it can be as simple as painting, putting in hardwood floors, and adding some new furniture.


How Your Remodeling Contractor in Miami Can Help With Bathroom Renovations


The bathrooms are another great place in the home to renovate this summer. If you are having guests come to visit, you especially want to make sure the guest bathroom is updated. A lot of bathrooms are outdated with old tile, worn-out cabinets, and dim lighting. Make your bathroom bright and modern with some simple renovations. Invest in a new shower and bathtub. If you have a combination shower/tub, consider getting a walk-in shower and a stand-alone tub. Also, replace the sink with something new and modern like a vessel sink. Pick a new style of tile that you want to replace whatever you have. In addition, brighten up the space through updated lighting and possibly the addition of a skylight. Make it your goal for the bathrooms in your home to feel like spas!

Use JMK Contractor As Your Miami Remodeling Contractor 

Early summer is the perfect time to invest in home renovations. With potential guests coming to visit and kids coming home from college, you will want your space to look and feel as good as possible. Pick one renovation to start with and then go from there. Chances are that you will be so pleased with the first renovation that you will want to continue updating the other areas of your home. JMK Contractor, a local remodeling contractor in Miami, is here to help you with all your renovation needs. Call us today to discuss how we can help you design your dream home.