4 Renovations To Make In A Living Room

A living room is a great place to make renovations in the home. Often it can be outdated and forgotten about as owners renovate the rest of their home. A remodeling contractor in Miami, such as JMK Contractor, can help transform a living room space into an area that you will actually want to spend time in and host guests in. Read on for four renovations that are good to make in a living room.

Hardwood Floors

If your living room is carpeted, it is time to update to hardwood floors. They will give the room a more polished, refined look. In addition, they are a lot easier to keep clean. Hardwood floors vary in appearance based on what wood is used. Favor a lighter, brighter space? Go with ash wood. Interested in a dark, cozy room? Invest in walnut floors.

Update Lighting

Another renovation to complete in the living room is to add recessed lighting. Often living rooms contain no built-in lights, and homeowners are forced to light the room with lamps. This can create a dark feeling in the room. During the renovation, invest in recessed lighting to brighten up the room. The lights can also be placed on a dimmer so that you can have further control over how light or dark you want the room to be.

Built-In Storage

Living rooms don’t typically contain a lot of storage. During the renovation, add built-in storage to the room. You can attach shelves to the walls to store records and books. It could also be built-in cubbies, where things like extra blankets can be stored. Also, some homeowners like to add built-in bookcases to create a home library.


Painting is another important thing to do during a living room renovation. Pick a color that matches the décor. Even though it may seem plain, white is often a fantastic color to pick as it makes the room brighter and can make it appear larger.

The Best Remodeling Contractor Miami Has Is JMK Contractor

Renovating the living room can be a great way to create an updated space perfect for relaxing and hosting. Brainstorm your ideas with a remodeling contractor in Miami, like JMK Contractor. At JMK, we will help make your ideas a reality, and soon your living room will be your favorite spot in the house. For more information about living room renovation ideas, contact JMK Contractor.