Benefits of A Renovated Basement

Many homes come with basements, but generally homeowners leave these spaces unfinished. An unfinished basement is unwelcoming and often is only used for laundry and storage. Renovating the basement is a great way to add usable square footage to your home. It will also increase the value of the house if you are looking to sell. JMK Contractor, a remodeling contractor in Miami, has years of experience in renovating basements. Here are three benefits of a renovated basement.

Add Usable Square Footage to Your Home

Basements typically have a lot of square footage. However, if this space is unusable, it can be a waste. Renovating the basement opens this space to be usable and livable for homeowners. A basement renovation can create a beautiful space that is welcoming and inviting. Homeowners can use the space however they would like, whether it becomes a game room, man cave, or child’s play area.

Rentable Space

Another benefit of a renovated basement is that you can turn it into a rentable space that can bring in additional income. Add a full bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room to create an apartment. You can list the space on a website like Craig’s List or Airbnb to attract renters. Decide whether you want to rent the basement apartment out on a monthly basis or just for certain weekends. Make sure that the space is up to code and meets fire safety standards. When listing your newly renovated space, be sure to list all amenities that are included, and post high-quality photos.

Build Out Your Dream Room

Another benefit of renovating the basement is that homeowners have a blank canvas to build out their dream space. This could be a game room, man cave, child’s playroom, extra living space, or simply a relaxing lounge. Add any desired features, such as a bar, big-screen TV, or arcade area. Make the space somewhere you will want to spend time. During renovations, have fun picking out flooring, furniture, and lighting to make the space your very own.

Trust JMK Contractor As Your Miami Remodeling Contractor

Renovating a basement has many different benefits. First and foremost, it adds usable square footage to a home. Second, homeowners can actually make money off this space by renting it out. Third, it can become your dream space! JMK Contractor is a remodeling contractor in the Miami area and is an excellent resource for homeowners looking to make renovations. For more information about remodeling a basement, contact JMK Contractor today.