Remodeling Ideas When You Are On A Budget

Many homeowners want to remodel their homes but don’t have the money. Remodels and renovations can be quite expensive, and a lot of homeowners save up for years so that they can make updates. In addition, some homeowners are ready to put their home on the market and feel that certain renovations are necessary in order to sell the house. Fortunately, there are ways to do remodels and renovations on a budget. As you begin thinking about updating your home, contact a remodeling contractor in Miami like JMK Contractor for help as they can help you find renovation options that are within your budget.

One Room at a Time

When you are planning to remodel, don’t feel like the whole home has to be done all at once. Take it room by room. If you only do one room every 5 years, that’s ok! If you are moving and want to increase the value of your home, start with a kitchen or bathroom renovation. These are two areas that can encourage potential buyers to pay more for the home. Renovating an entire home is extremely expensive. A contractor can help you decide which rooms to renovate first and how to budget for a room-by-room renovation strategy.

Floors First

If you aren’t up for a full room or home remodel, one simple and less expensive option is to put in new floors. It is amazing how replacing dingy carpets or refinishing old hardwood floors will make your home look much better. Having new floors is also a great selling point for a home. Consider switching from carpet to hardwood floors; hardwoods are becoming very popular and many buyers are looking to move into homes with hardwood floors. You can also save money depending on which type of material you choose for the floors. For example, laminate and engineered hardwood are a lot cheaper than solid hardwood floors. These materials look just as nice as solid hardwoods, but can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

Saving in the Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can be very pricey, but there are still ways to save money. One of the most important things to do during a kitchen renovation is to replace old appliances. Often you can save by purchasing appliances as a set and doing so on holiday weekends. Labor Day weekend, Black Friday, and Memorial Day are a few examples of times when you can save big on appliance sets.

Cabinets and countertops are another area that often need replacing. One way to save money is to keep the body of the cabinets in place and just replace the doors. This is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire cabinets. Anyone who comes into your kitchen will see the beautiful new doors and not even know that the interior body of the cabinets has not been replaced. Another option is to keep the entire cabinets, doors included, paint them a new color, and install new handles. If you have outdated countertops, it is important to replace them in a kitchen renovation. Materials such as ceramic tile, wood, and quartz make for beautiful countertops, but are less expensive than other options like marble or concrete.

Saving in the Bathrooms

The first thing to consider when renovating a bathroom is what needs to be replaced and what can just be refinished. While a new shower and tub can look great, it is also extremely costly to replace these items. Refinishing and repairing the bathtub and shower is a good way to get your bathroom looking better without having to spend a fortune. A floor replacement is also a good way to improve the appearance of a bathroom. Pick a cheaper floor option such as vinyl flooring instead of real wood planks. Next, consider replacing the bathroom countertops with a high-definition laminate. Wilsonart makes a line of HD laminate countertops that resemble more expensive materials like stone and wood. Another fantastic way to spruce up the bathroom is to replace the faucet, cabinet knobs, shower head, and bathtub fixtures. Make sure the replacements all match in color and style so that your bathroom has a cohesive look. Last but not least, replace your toilet. A dated, dingy toilet can truly make or break a bathroom. Did you know that you can buy a toilet for less than $200? Check out some example options at Home Depot. Find a cheap toilet that suits your needs, and your contractor will be able to get it installed.

Lighting on a Budget

Updating lighting is another easy way to make your home look more modern and inviting. Replace old fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of the house. For example, maybe the chandelier in the foyer is outdated. Work with your contractor to find budget-friendly light fixture options and switch out your dated lighting for something modern. Also, consider installing dimmers on your switches. This is another budget-friendly way to make it appear that your home has high-end lighting.

Let JMK Contractor Be Your Remodeling Contractor in Miami

Often, homeowners avoid remodeling their house for years because they dread the expenses and feel like it is not within their budget. While home renovations can certainly be very expensive, they don’t have to be. Simple things like replacing flooring or just replacing kitchen cabinet doors are easy ways to make your home look more modern without having to pay an arm and a leg. 

Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to make all these decisions alone. An experienced remodeling contractor in Miami, like JMK Contractor, works together with homeowners to figure out what renovations are within their budget. They help their clients to update their home for an affordable price. When meeting with your contractor for the first time, be sure to share with them your target renovation price so that they can help you consider factors like which renovations are necessary or which materials should be used. For more information about affordable renovations, contact JMK Contractor today.