3 Miami Home Additions We Can Build

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Are you thinking about remodeling your home? What about adding on to create additional space? A remodeling contractor in Miami, such as JMK Contractor, can create an addition to make your house the home of your dreams. There are a variety of different home additions that can be done. Read on for 3 beautiful additions

6 Installation Services To Do In Your Home

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At JMK Contractor, we do it all! We are a remodeling contractor in Miami and also provide a variety of installation services. These services include everything from doors to floors to solar panels. Read on for information about six installation services that we can provide for your home. A Remodeling Contractor in Miami Can Update

3 Key Renovations To Make In A Living Room

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Your living room is a perfect place to make renovations in the house. This is because it’s most likely a spot where you are spending a lot of your time. JMK Contractor, a remodeling contractor in Miami, has a lot of experience renovating living rooms. We will walk you through the process start to finish

Benefits of A Renovated Basement

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Many homes come with basements, but generally homeowners leave these spaces unfinished. An unfinished basement is unwelcoming and often is only used for laundry and storage. Renovating the basement is a great way to add usable square footage to your home. It will also increase the value of the house if you are looking to