Solar Panel Installation: Benefits & What You Need To Know

Have you been considering solar panels for your home but are worried about the cost and installation process? The Miami area is the perfect spot for homeowners to invest in solar panels. According to, Miami enjoys a total of 249 sunny or partly sunny days each year. That’s a lot! The first step in the solar panel installation process is hiring a Miami remodeling contractor that you can trust. JMK Contractor has a lot of experience installing solar panels on homes in the area. We would love to have a consultation with you to share with you the benefits of solar panels. Our installation process is efficient, meaning you will have solar panels on your house in no time! Read on to learn more about solar panels and the benefits of having them in your home.

Environmentally Responsible

First and foremost, solar panels are great for the environment. Solar energy is renewable. It is clean, natural, and doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned, there is an increase in greenhouse gases, which can have negative environmental impacts in the long run. By installing solar panels, you are reducing your own carbon footprint and decreasing the greenhouse gases that you are personally responsible for. While your individual efforts may seem small, remember – every little bit helps! The more people who do small things like installing solar panels, the better off the environment will be. 

Save on Energy Bills

We know that solar panels can seem expensive. But the key is thinking about the money that will be saved in the long run. Solar panels help you immediately start saving by drastically reducing your energy bill or eliminating it completely. Make a quick calculation about how much you will save each month through your solar panels. Multiply this by 12 to get your yearly savings. At JMK Contractor, we can also share with you how previous clients have saved on their energy bills through the addition of solar panels. In addition, with solar panels, you are protected from rising utility rates in the future. Also, homeowners can actually make money by having excess energy that they feed back into the power grid. As you can see, installing solar panels saves and earns you money in the long run!

Tax Credit 

Did you know that installing solar panels will make you eligible for a tax credit? In 2020, homeowners who install solar panels will get a credit worth 26% of purchase and installation costs.shares that the average solar panel system is about 400 square feet and costs $18,000. The tax credit saves homeowners around $4,600. Between the tax credit and the saving on energy bills, homeowners quickly realize that even though solar panels can be expensive upfront, the savings over time make the cost worth it!

Increase the Value of the Home

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. People are interested in using clean energy and want to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. As a buyer, a home with solar panels already installed is extremely appealing. First, the future homeowner knows that they can get a solar panel property without being the ones to install it. They also know that their energy bill will be greatly reduced. As a result, you can increase the price of your home when you put it on the market. People will be willing to pay a premium for a home with solar panels. The same is true if you decide to rent your home. You can increase the monthly rent payment and advertise to tenants they will have a very low energy bill thanks to the panels. If you are planning to put your house on the market soon, then now is the time to install solar panels.

Backup Energy System

Another huge benefit of solar panels is they provide you with a backup energy source. You no longer have to worry about your power going out – your solar panels will take care of you! Miami can have some pretty crazy summer storms that knock out the power for hours. If your home has solar panels, you don’t have to worry about losing your power even if there is an intense storm. Solar systems can be installed with battery storage so that you can have energy stored away for when you need it. 

Next Steps With JMK Contractor, Your Miami Remodeling Contractor

At JMK Contractor, we offer solar panel consultations Monday through Saturday. We will come out to your home, assess your roof, and let you know how many solar panels are right for your home. Once you are ready to install, we will get to work and quickly get the project done! As soon as the installation is complete, the solar panels will begin producing power. At JMK, we offer a variety of different solar panel systems, including solar panels, battery storage, DC optimizers, net monitoring, and more! 

Miami is the perfect place to own a home with solar panels. With so many sunny days, you will be able to extract a lot of power from your panels. Solar panels also provide homeowners with many benefits, including savings on energy bills, tax credits, increasing the value of the home, and providing homeowners with a backup power system. Perhaps best of all, you can do your part for the environment by using clean, renewable energy that doesn’t add to the ever-increasing rate of greenhouse gases. If all of this sounds great, you are ready to begin your solar panel journey. First, contact a Miami remodeling contractor, like JMK Contractor. We are a local family-owned business established in 2002. We have years of experience helping homeowners by installing solar panels on their roofs. From the initial consultation to the installation, we are here for you from start to finish. We are more than happy to share stories from past clients about the benefits they gained from using solar panels. Don’t wait another day! Contact JMK Contractor today to schedule a solar panel consultation.