Expert Miami Tile Installation

Expert Miami Tile Installation

JMK Contractor has the experience and expertise for all of your tile needs. Established in 2002, we are a locally owned and family operated business based in Miami, FL. Our customer service exceeds all others because we treat each customer like the neighbor that you truly are. Plus, our proximity to many Miami neighborhoods means our professional tile installers are able to get to your home quickly and get right to work, saving you time and money.

We know that tile installation can make an incredible difference in the design of your home. Our goal is to help protect the things that matter most to you: your family and your home. With JMK Contractor, you’ll know that your children, pets, and loved ones can safely be in your home at any time giving you peace of mind. We use the best products and stay up to date on the latest tile trends. We keep quality and reliability at the forefront of every tile installation and treat every home like our very own.

Our Miami tile installation team can install any type of tile your home needs. We offer services that include:

  • Tile design/style consultations
  • Custom tile installations
  • Granite countertops
  • Tile & grout sealing
  • Tile floor installations
  • Tile wall installations
  • . . . and much more!

Tips for selecting the right tile for you

Tips for selecting the right tile for you

Think about the particular space

Think about the amount of wear and tear the tile will endure. Will the tile be installed in a major traffic area of your home? Will people be wearing shoes or socks when walking through? Will the tiles often get wet? Also think about which surfaces will be covered: floors, countertops, and/or walls?
Different types of tiles are designed to withstand varying levels of impact. For example, tiles made for walls might look similar to floor tiles, however, they are not as thick or as durable.

Estimate how much tile you will need

To determine the correct amount of tile for your space, multiply the length times the width and then add roughly 5 percent. We suggest you also keep a few extra spare tiles on hand incase some are damaged in the future.

Select the tile material

There are multiple different materials that tiles can be made of. The material will affect the appearance, durability, and maintenance of the tiles. The finish and texture are important to consider as well. Your tile should be comfortable to walk on and be a good fit for your design vision.

Don’t forget about the grout

Make sure to select a grout color and width that will compliment your tile. Unless you strongly desire the effect of stark white, we recommend staying away from it. Stark white grout can be very difficult to keep clean and will show dirt more easily than other colors.


You’ll also want to consider the amount of tile maintenance that will be required when making your choice. For example, porous tiles will often need annual sealing. Also, heavily textured tiles and light colored grout will require more scrubbing to clean than other options.

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Make A Service Appointment Today

Make A Service Appointment Today

With almost two decades of service in Miami, Miami Beach and surrounding areas. Our team understands that choosing the right tile for your home can be a daunting task, which is why we are here to help when you need us. We offer tile consultations Monday – Saturday. Know what to expect and enjoy peace of mind by getting to know your team of Miami tile installation experts beforehand.

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