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Tips for Maximizing Space When Building Your Dream Home

Building a home is an exciting experience, but it can also be daunting trying to fit everything you want into a limited amount of space. Having an open and spacious home is a priority for many homeowners, so planning ahead to maximize every inch is key. Here are some tips for making the most of the square footage when building your dream home. Be sure to talk to your Contractor about the best ways to make the most out of your space when building a custom home. With a professional general contractors guidance, you’ll have the home of your dreams. 

Tip 1: Go Vertical 

One way to expand your living space is to build up instead of out. Adding a second story or investing in high ceilings on the main floor creates a feeling of airiness and provides room for additional bedrooms and bathrooms. You can also add vertical storage space with floor-to-ceiling shelving units, pantries and closets. Going vertical utilizes space that would otherwise go unused.

Tip 2: Rethink Traditional Rooms

 Get creative with room functions instead of sticking to cliché spaces. Convert a formal dining room into a home office or reading nook. Use the space under stairs as a play area for kids or pets. Build a craft room in the basement instead of just using it for storage. Think about your lifestyle and how each room can serve multiple needs.

Tip 3: Use Multi-Functional Furniture

 Choosing furniture that serves more than one purpose will maximize every inch. Look for beds with built-in storage, sofas with hidden compartments, coffee tables with shelves, desks that fold up against the wall, etc. Dual-purpose furniture takes advantage of vertical and horizontal space.

Tip 4: Bring In Natural Light

 Nothing makes a home feel larger than light and brightness. Use large windows, skylights and glass doors to fill interior spaces with natural light. Paint walls with light colors and use reflective surfaces. Allow light to penetrate as far into the home as possible, opening up dark corners and small rooms. Proper lighting creates the illusion of spaciousness.

Tip 5: Limit Clutter

An overstuffed home will always feel smaller. Be thoughtful about possessions and resist accumulating unnecessary items. Organize with creative storage solutions like bins, racks, pegboards and closet systems. Edit continuously and donate unused goods. A clutter-free home feels more open and expansive.

Building a home is the perfect chance to create your ideal living space tailored exactly to your needs. Following these tips will make the most of every square inch, maximizing usable space and delivering the feel of a larger home. Careful planning during the design process will help your dream home live large.