Transform Your Garage Into A Livable Space

Garages are a space of added square feet to the home. Have you ever thought about using a garage for something other than storing cars? Take your garage through the remodeling process and transform it into a livable space. A remodeling contractor in Miami, such as JMK Contractor, will help you brainstorm ideas to create the garage of your dreams. Read on for some ideas about transforming your garage into a livable space.

Let Your Remodeling Contractor in Miami Create a Workshop

Does someone in your family need a workshop? The garage is the perfect place to set up a space for an artist, photographer, woodworker, or architect. Remodel the garage to provide workspace and room to store materials. Install built-in shelves and perhaps a sink. Add in lighting to give the space the brightness and ambiance it needs in order to be a proper workshop.

Design a Sports Room

Another great way to make a garage livable is to turn it into a sports room or a man cave. Install carpet or hardwood floors, bring in comfortable furniture, and hang a big screen TV up on the wall. Additional features might include a bar for mixing drinks and a refrigerator for snacks. Decorate the room in your favorite sports team’s colors, and don’t forget to hang up posters, flags, and jerseys to show support for your team.

Make a Kid’s Game Room

Have you always wanted your kids to have a game room but just haven’t had enough room in the house? Remodel the garage and make it into a game room. Finish the floors, walls, and ceiling, and add in your kid’s favorite games. Invest in a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey table, and more! Install built-in shelves to store board games. If your kids enjoy video games, put up a TV equipped with a gaming system.

Use JMK Contractor as Your Remodeling Contractor in Miami

With a simple remodel, a garage can become so much more than just a place to park the cars. By remodeling the floors, walls, and ceilings, and by bringing in furniture and various other additions, your garage can transform into a livable space. Change your garage into a workshop, sports room, or game room. Enjoy spending time in your remodeled garage with friends and family. If you are ready to begin the process of a garage remodel, contact JMK Contractor, a local remodeling contractor in Miami. We will guide you through the entire process from getting the permit to installing plumbing. We will help make your garage remodel dreams a reality.