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Reliable, Trusted, and Professional Residential Construction & Remodeling Services

New Construction

We build dreams one structure at a time. Partner with JMK Contractor to turn your plans into a reality on budget, on time and on point. Submit your plans for a quote.

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Great for increasing the value of your home or commercial space. No matter how complex the project, we’re here to help!

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Commercial Build Out

Transform your commercial space into a functional and visually appealing environment with our top-notch commercial build out services. Contact us today to bring your vision to reality.

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Let us get to the bottom of the issue before a larger problem arises. Our plumbing maintenance and repair services are available in any part of the home.

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You don’t need to hire an electrician for the minor tasks. Our handymen are here for the basics, when you need a quick electrical fix, inside your home or out.

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Our HVAC team can help with anything installations or maintenance. Contact us for help with installing a new HVAC system or maintaining your current one.

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We can do painting, too. Reach out for all of your painting needs, from exterior painting to commercial interiors. Contact us to learn more about our painting services.

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Custom carpentry is a nice addition to any home. Our team can bring in craft carpentry to your home’s moldings, mantels, shelves, cabinets and more. Discuss your personalized carpentry needs with us today.

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Treat your home or commercial space with love, and get the most out of it with routine maintenance in any part – inside and out. We will take on any project, however small or large. Inquire about our maintenance memberships.

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The #1 most valuable renovation, as well as the most desirable in a home, kitchen updates are always in-demand. Whether you need a quick fix or a major update, we have you covered.

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One of the most desirable upgrades in a home is for a nice bathroom. Our team has quality experience with any bathroom system, plumbing to electric.

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Optimize family time with living and/or dining room renovations. Open it up and add light, or fill it with personal touch. We can help make it perfect for family time and entertaining. Give us a contact to discuss what you would like done.

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Upgrade bedroom space with added storage and organization, a touch of luxury, or make it cozy and homey. We can help with any and all projects.

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You know what your perfect work environment needs. Make it the productive yet unique space you’ve always wanted. Contact us for any home office repair, maintenance, or renovation you need.

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Garage space can be used for much more than just parking a car. There’s valuable space for storage, work and repairs, or even as a lounge area. We can help with whatever you have in mind to make your garage a liveable area.

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A few of our clients…

Our team of professional Miami General Contractors are dedicated to remodeling modern spaces that best meet the needs of our customers.

Get a FAST quote and FREE at-home visit. We’ll walk you through every step of the project.

Miami House Renovation
Before and After

When you find yourself needing more space in your Miami home, JMK Contractor can help you convert your underused garage into a brand new living space. From living rooms, to in-law suites, to mancaves and she sheds, we can help convert your garage into the space of your dreams. We service Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove and the surrounding areas.

With affordable pricing, quality products, and technicians that treat you like family, there’s no better choice than JMK Contractor for all of your Miami garage door repair needs! Contact us today to schedule your estimate.

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Miami Commercial Contractor

Discriminating homeowners seeking a Miami remodeling contractor need look no further than JMK Remodeling and Repairs. Whether your needs are focused on a small upgrade or improvement, standard home repairs, or a complete remodel or new construction, with JMK Remodeling and Repairs you will always find a professional and licensed team with a passion for residential remodeling and repair. There is nothing that excites us more than collaborating with creative and imaginative homeowners, and then turning that vision into a stunning reality that converts your home into a truly individual paradise of your own making.

Since 2002, homeowners in Miami, and surrounding areas such as Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, quickly realized the great aesthetic and financial gains they earn through working with JMK Remodeling and Construction: not only are their homes transformed into living spaces of art, but they realize substantial increases in their property value, meaning your investment into better living more than pays for itself.

Professional and Licensed Miami Construction Services

We invite you to take your time and browse through the vast array of services we offer to our prestigious clients. Upon closer inspection, you will discover the many differences which set us apart from the mass of contractors eager to make a buck but less interested in grasping the dreams of their customers and turning those ideas into bold statements of individuality.

Whatever your Miami remodeling or repair needs may be, we bring an awesome team to your project who respond quickly, professionally, and affordably to address and resolve your own residential wants and needs.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Miami Remodeling Contractor?

Some people hesitate to bring on a professional Miami remodeling contractor out of fear it will be too expensive. Here’s an important and valuable news flash for you: NOT hiring a professional Miami remodeling contractor is certain to be more costly in the long run!

However, you want to know why you should hire a professional Miami remodeling contractor, so here are 9 important reasons:

9 important reasons

  1. Permits – in this important area alone, you will save yourself lots of time, frustration, and potential fines by ensuring that all remodeling worked performed have obtained all the proper permits; a professional remodeling contractor knows which permits are necessary, all the hurdles to clear to get them, and how to file them
  2. Insurance, Warranties, Contracts – even when you try to fly solo, you can’t do it all on your own and often hire outside help; what you haven’t thought of is if you need to cover them for worker’s compensation, and if they are on your liability insurance – that is always covered through a professional remodeling contractor, eliminating any potential liabilities to which you could be exposed
  3. Estimating Cost – again, you want to leave it to the experts when it comes to determining the actual final cost of your project; thinking it is as easy as going on to Google, searching out the best prices for different materials, and adding it all up on a spreadsheet could be a costly mistake when instead you can look to pros who know precisely what everything costs, including obtaining the materials and installing everything
  4. Trade Connections – a professional remodeling contractor can always find a lower-priced subcontractor than you are able to do by yourself; for one thing, they have a strong network, and secondly, they can rely on each other while you are seen as the outsider you are – they’re not out to gouge you, but they factor in an extra financial cushion as a margin for working with a one-time, unknown entity
  5. Past Experience – logically, an individual who regularly takes on projects is more experienced in managing those projects, particularly larger jobs requiring more workers and perhaps several specialists; an experienced remodeling contractor knows almost intuitively how to coordinate every aspect of a project, ensuring a smoother and faster completion of the work
  6. Shorter Timeline – unexpected delays are much more likely for the DIY-er, whereas a professional remodeling contractor knows how to get the job done efficiently, without shortcutting on quality or keeping subcontractors on the meter while waiting for other contractors to finish their tasks; when you try to create a realistic timeline for completing a project, you are guessing much more than a professional remodeling contractor would
  7. Design Background – while the artist in you wants to soar, a good remodeling contractor can help keep your feet on the ground when it comes to practical matters, while also offering suggestions based upon previous jobs they have performed; while not able to read your mind, a professional remodeling contractor can read cues and hints, offering you ideas from a past project similar to your goals
  8. Less Stress, More Success – while the idea of taking on a project by yourself initially sounds attractive, too often that same idea, later on, becomes yet another unfinished task nagging at you; even if it gets finished later, the original energy and excitement is long gone and the end result looks like something slapped together rather than thoughtfully crafted as originally envisioned
  9. It’s Safer! – power tools, ladders, extension cords, and heavy materials are all fodder for a big accident, but when a professional remodeling contractor is in charge, using safe procedures and equipment is a standard practice

Now you know why you simply must hire a professional remodeling contractor, you should know why JMK Remodeling and Repairs should be your only choice. In addition to a breadth and depth of experience rarely found in the greater Miami area, we also are your neighbors; as a family concern, we live where our business thrives, making us an easy on-call point of contact for each and every housing need you may encounter.

What Are The Steps of a Miami Home Remodeling Project?

Here is a quick outline of what steps YOU need to take in a Miami remodeling project.

Steps you need to take in a Miami Construction & Remodeling project

  1. The Idea – typically, the very first step is that you have an idea of what you want remodeled. It may be a project you have been mulling over for a long time, or it may spring up due to immediate issues, such as a major home repair
  2. The Budget – next, you need to determine a realistic amount of money you can afford to invest in your project; if you have a home line of credit, you still need to set a budget, instead of thinking the sky’s the limit
  3. The Contractor – once the two above steps have been taken, it’s time to find a professional remodeling contractor; be sure to only work with an experienced, local, well-referenced contractor, such as you find with JMK Remodeling and Repairs
  4. Enjoy the Outcome – with JMK Remodeling and Repairs as your remodeling contractor, you have a partner who cares about your end result and strives to contribute everything we can to deliver a finished project of which you are proud and satisfied

And here are the steps which JMK Construction & Remodeling typically take during your remodeling project:

  1. Secure Permits – we immediately secure the proper permits to clear the decks for a smooth construction project with few or no delays
  2. Order Materials – during the permit securing process, we are already organizing, identifying, and ordering necessary materials
  3. Begin Demolition – once materials are obtained and permits are secured, we begin by removing old or damaged materials
  4. Behind-the Wall Work – although this end result is not visible, we carefully and thoroughly construct the core of the project
  5. Painting – once the behind-the-scenes work is accomplished, painting is the next task on hand
  6. Flooring – after painting is completed, it is safe to lay flooring without worrying about stains or paint drips
  7. Cabinetry – next, cabinetry is ready for installation
  8. Finishing Touches – finally, floor sealing and final paint touch-ups, fixtures and hardware, and any other final details are added

For all projects, large or small, you, as owner and final decision maker, remain completely in the loop and are encouraged to follow the remodeling process as closely as you wish. It is our honor to see our clients involved and pleased with their final results, with any and all input provided by you through the process carefully considered and integrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a contractor do?

A contractor will oversee the process of acquiring all the materials, equipment, labor, and other services necessary for the completion of the contracted project. While a remodeling contractor is responsible for all of the above, much of these tasks are contracted out to other specialists, while other larger remodeling contractors, such as JMK Remodeling and Repairs maintain specialists in-house for faster service and lower pricing.

How do I hire a remodeling contractor?

Rather than accepting the word of each contractor you contact, ask for references and look at past remodeling projects they have performed. This will give you a good sense of the quality and style of their work, so you can decide if they are a good fit for your project. Try to get several bids, but make sure each contractor is bidding for the same services for a fair pricing comparison. When you add JMK Remodeling and Repairs to the list, you should not be too surprised by the very fair and low bids we present; this is based upon our ability to manage most aspects of a remodel internally, saving you significant sums of money without sacrificing quality workmanship and materials.

Do I need a contractor for a kitchen remodel?

Due to its size, cost, and importance, any kitchen remodel must be left to professional remodeling contractors. As this is one of the most visible areas within a home and will strongly impact the overall value of the house, you want it to show its best face, both for personal use and enjoyment as well as increase the home value.

Do I need a contractor to remodel a bathroom?

Because of the intricate plumbing and health concerns, you should never take on a bathroom remodel without previous experience, nor is this a project suitable for a handy person used to minor repairs and improvements. Similar to your kitchen space, a beautifully designed and efficiently operated bathroom makes for a solid boost in your overall property value.

How long does it take to get an estimate from a contractor?

Of course, each contractor varies in their ability to meet with you, evaluate your needs, examine the logistics of the project, organize the stages and materials required for the entire process, and then prepare a clear, concise presentation that you can review in detail. While we cannot answer for every other contractor, it is our usual practice to perform all of the above functions and set up a follow-up meeting where were can present our proposal within 5 business days or sooner. We understand the excitement and anticipation of creating a new look within your existing space and will expend every possible effort to help that dream come true with as little delay as possible.

About JMK Contractor

When it comes to Miami residential real estate, we cover all the fronts, including real estate brokerage, property management, and real estate investment counseling exclusively devoted to Miami and its outlying areas. For close to 20 years, this locally-based, family-owned enterprise realized early on that investing in and supporting real estate in their own backyard was a winning formula, which they have proven with their quickly expanding and positive reputation as professional remodeling contractors who also happens to be your neighbor.

A major advantage of servicing the location in which we also live is our ability to appear quickly for emergency situations. Additionally, because of the wide range of specialists we have on our team, we get jobs done quicker, less expensively, and right the first time, always making your project our highest and most important priority.

Our Home Owners Say

5 Star Rating
The JMK experts plan, divide the entire task, apply their experience and skills and utilize best materials to provide us a stunning kitchen. They took just a week to accomplish the project and said us “project done”! It’s RARE in Miami. Thanks a lot to JMK Contractor for a brilliant job.
William Vasile Turcan, View Google Reviews
5 Star Rating
JMK remodeled my apart in Midtown. The work was amazing and they managed to get all permits and complete the work on time. Highly recommended for small and large projects.
Mehdi Chraibi, View Google Reviews