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Lanyon Heinemann Director of Construction

Jessica Khachani Commercial Director

Antonio Nicolas Peix President

Heath Bashore Director of Sales

Stylianos G. Vayanos Director of Acquisitions

Fuad Nasib Operations Director

Diana Garcia Director of Property Management

William Tsurcan Marketing Director

Franz Bayona Director of Permitting & Inspections

Gustavo Alvarenga Maintenance Manager

Gilberto Ocampo Property Manager

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Expert Partners Agree

We reached out to JMK Contractor for remodeling our bathrooms. They responded quickly and were able to be at our home whenever we were available. We are extremely happy with the attention to detail and the approach they took when it came to designing the bathrooms. One of the major things I noticed quickly and enjoyed was that they had a good grasp on what we wanted and suggested good ideas. They were also honest to us when they thought we has a not so good idea and always suggested an alternative. I travel a lot so Fuad used emails and messages to show me catalogs and photos of products to make my decisions easier while on the road. Fuad personally oversaw the project and was able to get the job done in very good time. I definitely would recommend JMK Contractor to any one considering doing any type of remodeling. Big or small they always seem to enjoy what they are doing and you can tell they care for the work that they do. Thank you JMK.

Luz Mary Fiat • Homeowner

My wife and I decided to renovate our kitchen; this is the first time we ever considered renovating anything in our home. It’s a decision and commitment that is very stressful as well as expensive. We sometimes questioned if we should even go through with it. We contacted JMK Contractor with the budget and vision we wanted and just like that, they took it from there. They steered us through the entire process which in return made us feel much more comfortable. From being present and helpful in explaining the ordering of cabinets, counter tops, backsplash, flooring, sink, and light fixtures as well as the options available. JMK was keeping us on track by being there every step of the way. Actually we enjoyed very much using their software. It allowed us to make choices, approve work and see where we are in the process. They always showed up on the time they said they would and were very professional and honest throughout the whole experience. They take their time when it comes to attention to detail and their work ethic is amazing (unusual for Miami). I recommended these guys for any size project, big or small. After everything was done, if we decided for future renovations or projects we are only going to trust JMK Contractor and their trusted team to get the job done.

Michael Leduc • Homeowner

Just like everyone else, I researched before contacting Fuad at JMK Contractor. I wanted to control as much of this process as possible do to the fact that I had a very horrible experience with my kitchen remodel.

Fuad and his partner came out to provide a bid. They were consistent with the first bid and way lower than the third and final bid re received. I was on a very tight budget after my kitchen fiasco and Fuad and his team were super understanding and nice about it. We wanted our bathtub removed and have a walk in shower with glass door installed as well as tile. I planned on doing the rest of the bathroom myself like the vanity and toilet in order to save money.

JMK began the remodeling early January and I was told I would take around 2-3 weeks before completion. This seemed kind of long to me but while I watched them work, I started to understand why. They do everything right and appreciate the work they are doing. Our new walk in shower is beautiful and the glass door is something I will no longer live without.
We supplied the tile, door, and valves as well as some hardware. They not only provided the rest but also the well needed experience.

Since I wanted to be as much involved as possible and was trying to save money, there was a few hick ups. When I went to go purchase the tile I wanted it wasn’t in stock and the JMK team was ready to tile. So I went over to Lowe’s and found a much more affordable one that looks amazing still. You can not tell the difference when looking at the finished project. Fuad and his team were very patient and helped me through the process every step of the way. I recommended JMK Contractor for any remodeling needs and I probably should have had them do my whole bathroom instead of just the shower and reached out to them first for my kitchen as well.

Now I know if I want to be involved to make sure I have all the materials before I contact the contractor and have them check it first before moving forward.

Jonathan Fetherolf • Homeowner