Expert Miami Drywall Contractors

Expert Miami Drywall Contractors

JMK Contractor has the experience and expertise for all of your drywall cotractor needs. Established in 2002, we are a locally owned and family operated business based in Miami, FL. Our customer service exceeds all others because we treat each customer like the neighbor that you truly are. Plus, our proximity to many Miami neighborhoods means our professional drywall installers are able to get to your home quickly and get right to work, saving you time and money.

Here at JMK Contractor, our goal is to help protect the things that matter most to you: your family and your home. With JMK Contractor, you’ll know that your children, pets, and loved ones can safely be in your home at any time giving you peace of mind. We use the best products and stay up to date on the latest drywall sollutions. We keep quality and reliability at the forefront of every repair and installation and treat every home like our very own.

Our Miami drywall contractor team can handle any type of drywall services that your home may need. Some of the drywall services we offer are:

  • Drywall water damage repair
  • Drywall texturing and finishing
  • Drywall installation
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Paint Matching
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Some questions you may be having about drywall contracting services

Some questions you may be having about drywall contracting services

What does ‘finishing’ mean when it comes to drywall? This generally refers to whether or not the the product is ready to be painted or glossed. When an unfinished board has been installed, it will have been taped and the joint compound will be applied but the term ‘unfinished’ tells you that no paint has been applied.

What exactly does ‘taping and mudding’ mean? Taping is when the gaps between sheets are taped up, then mudding is when the joint compound (mud) is applied to cover the tape and smooth it out to seem as if it were never there. Commonly, more than one coat of mudding is applied to create the desired smoothness.

What are the available types and thicknesses of sheet rock? Sheet rock can come in various types such as fire-resistant, moisture resistant, and toxic resistant. The sheets are usually 4’ x 8’ and can be purchased in thicknesses from ⅜” to ½”.

Why do I need primer before I can paint? Paint on it’s own does not adhere very well straight to drywall. A coat of primer needs to be applied over the paper and the mud in order for the paint to have complete, even coverage on your wall.

What type of drywall will best suit your needs?

What type of drywall will best suit your needs?

Moisture drywall l is most comonly used for high-moisture areas like kitchens or bathrooms. You will also hear this referred to as Greenboard. The only difference from standard wallboard is that the paper backing used for these types of boards has a much higher moisture resistance than what is used for standard drywall.

Fire resistant drywall is the most common type of board you will see installed. Special types of fibers and other such fire-resistant materials are added to the core of the board in order to create more fire-protection than your standard sheetrock. You will generally see this type of board installed behind furnaces, around fireplace mantels, and behind pretty much all major electrical or gas appliances in your home.

Mold resistant drywall is designed to repel mold as much as possible, but it does not necessarily make it altogether impossible for mold to develop, just lessens the chances of it happening. This is very important to install in any high moist areas of your home or business.

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With almost two decades of service in Miami, Miami Beach and surrounding areas, our team understands that drywall services can sometimes be quite urgent, which is why we are here to help when you need us. We offer drywall services Monday – Saturday. Know what to expect and enjoy peace of mind by getting to know your team of Miami drywall contractors beforehand.

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