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Expert Mold Removal

First of all, JMK Contractor are experts in any mold removal your home may need. We are the #1 best mold removal in Miami. Established in 2002, we are a locally owned and family operated business based in Miami, FL. Our customer service exceeds all others because we treat each customer like the neighbor that you truly are. Plus, our proximity to many Miami neighborhoods means we will get to your home quickly.  Therefore, we will get to work on your mold problem efficiently, saving you time and money.

When mold begins to develop, it will begin to deteriorate your home’s structure, as well as, threaten your family’s health. Our goal is to help protect the things that matter most to you: your family and your home. With JMK Contractor, you will know that your children, pets, and loved ones are safe throughout the removal process. Also, we use the best products and stay up to date on the latest mold removal solutions. Therefore, we will keep quality and reliability at the forefront of every mold removal service by treating every home like our very own.

JMK Contractor can assist with:

  • Professional Mold Inspection
  • Professional Mold Remediation
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Water Damage
  • Removal of Property and Storage
  • Drying and dehumidifying flooded areas
  • Will Assess flood damage
  • Mildew, Deodorizing and odor control
  • Mold removal and prevention
  • Will complete restoration
  • And much more!
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Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

A mold assessment or mold inspection is the most important first step in detecting mold issues.  These issues will lead to mold growth hiding in your home. Often times, the water damage that is hidden from view will cause microbial growth without you even knowing about it. JMK Contractor, the best mold removal in Miami, will perform an inspection of your entire premises. Hence, we will determine if these conditions exist and if you are at risk for mold growth. We will check your walls for hidden moisture, conduct temperature and humidity readings, and of course, check for any visible mold growth.

Our step-by-step mold inspection process, which is always conducted by a certified mold inspector, includes:

  • Complete visual inspection
  • Check of all locations which are for mold growth
  • Thermal imaging infrared scan
  • Radio-wave moisture intrusion survey
  • Checking of your attic, when applicable
  • Evaluation of your HVAC system, including the blower fan, air handler, coils, and ductwork
  • Digital photos will be taken of all problem areas found
  • Suggestions for mold testing that should be conducted as a follow-up
  • If necessary, a mold remediation protocol will be written

Mold Testing

Mold Testing

Consequently, the results of the mold inspection determines what type of testing is necessary.  This allows us to assess the growth of mold inside the property. There are many different types of testing options available. The most common include:

Whole-house air sampling is an inclusive test that reveals what is in the air that you are breathing. This is conducted using spore trap cassettes designed to collect a range of airborne aerosols.  Including, but not limited to, mold spores, insect parts, pollen, skin cells, inorganic particulate, and fibers. At a minimum, there will be two indoor and one outdoor sample taken.

Swab sampling is a specific test performed when there is visible mold growth on the premise. A wetted swab will be used to lift some of the growth and then it will be sealed in a specialized container.  Then it is sent to a laboratory where they will conduct the analysis. This test will determine if the mold is allergenic, toxic, or pathogenic. Oftentimes, this test will be conducted in addition to an air sample.  This enables us to determine if the mold has become airborne.

Carpet sampling is a useful tool that can help obtain a sort of history of the mold levels and types that are found throughout the home. If there was ever an active mold problem which became airborne, those spores would have settled into the carpet. If this test is conducted, a special vacuum will be used in order to collect the mold and dust which will then be analyzed.

Cleanup & Removal Methods

Lastly, the cleanup process is conducted in order to eliminate the growth itself, as well as remove contaminated materials. Generally, simply killing the mold with a biocide will not be enough to fully clear the problem. The mold itself must be completely removed since the chemicals and proteins which cause reactions in humans and pets are still present when the mold is dead.


Containment is important to prevent mold spores from spreading into other parts of your property. If mold is disturbed, it can cause the mold to become airborne and then they can migrate to other areas.


Special wet vacuum cleaners are used to remove water from floors and other surfaces where water has accumulated. This can only be used on materials with enough moisture, otherwise, spores can become airborne.

Damp Wipe

Damp wipe is when mold is removed from non-porous surfaces simply by wiping or scrubbing with water and a specialized detergent. Therefore, particular care must be taken in order to make sure the material is dried quickly. This will keep any mold growth from returning.

HEPA Vacuum

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered vacuum cleaners are used once materials have been completely dried and all contaminated materials have been properly disposed of. Workers wear proper personal protective equipment during this process to prevent exposure to mold.

Disposal of Debris and Damaged Materials

Any building materials and/or furnishings contaminated with mold will be placed into impervious bags or closed containers.  This is done while they are within the remediation area. This allows workers to properly dispose of these materials.

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With almost two decades of service our team understands that a mold problem in your home is incredibly stressful. JMK serves Miami and surrounding areas, and here to help when you need us. We offer mold removal services Monday – Saturday. Also, we are available for routine maintenance appointments. You will know what to expect and enjoy peace of mind. So, get to know your team of Miami mold removal experts beforehand.

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