Reliable, Trusted, and Professional Remodeling Services


Great for increasing the value of a home, or for personal use. No matter how small or large the project, we’re here to help!

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Anything you’ve been putting off, or don’t have the resources to fix, we’re here to help with. Contact us with any project, no matter the size or type!

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Let us get to the bottom of the issue before a larger problem arises. Our plumbing maintenance and repair services are available in any part of the home.

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You don’t need to hire an electrician for the minor tasks. Our handymen are here for the basics, when you need a quick electrical fix, inside your home or out.

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Our handymen can help with anything installations in between. Contact us for help with installing cabinets or countertops, lighting, or more.

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We can do painting, too. Reach out for all of your painting needs, from trim touch-ups, to furniture, to full walls. Contact us to learn more about our painting services.

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Treat your home with love, and get the most out of it with routine maintenance in any part – inside and out. We will take on any project, however small or large.

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Custom carpentry is a nice addition to any home. Our team can bring in craft carpentry to your home’s moldings, mantels, shelves, cabinets and more. Discuss your personalized carpentry needs with us today.

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Furniture assembly can be more time consuming or complicated than you planned. We can help you assemble any furniture fast, professionally, and correct the first time.

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The #1 most valuable renovation, as well as the most desirable in a home, kitchen updates are always in-demand. Whether you need a quick fix or a major update, we have you covered.

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One of the most desirable upgrades in a home is for a nice bathroom. Our team has quality experience with any bathroom system, plumbing to electric.

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Optimize family time with living and/or dining room renovations. Open it up and add light, or fill it with personal touch. We can help make it perfect for family time and entertaining. Give us a contact to discuss what you would like done.

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Upgrade bedroom space with added storage and organization, a touch of luxury, or make it cozy and homey. We can help with any and all projects.

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You know what your perfect work environment needs. Make it the productive yet unique space you’ve always wanted. Contact us for any home office repair, maintenance, or renovation you need.

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Garage space can be used for much more than just parking a car. There’s valuable space for storage, work and repairs, or even as a lounge area. We can help with whatever you have in mind to make your garage a liveable area.

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Miami Remodeling Services

Are you looking for professional, licensed and highly rated remodeling services in Miami? Look no further! JMK Contractor has years of experience in the construction space and its ownership is comprised of licensed contractors, property managers, Realtors and real estate investors — who all live and work in Miami. If you are looking for the best Miami general contractor, your search is over.

No matter what type of remodeling services you need (from handyman services to roof repair), we’re only one call away. Contact us today for a FAST quote and a FREE At-home visit.

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